Revenue Based Funding

The more flexible way to secure funding

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A smart solution based on what you'll make tomorrow, not what you've got today

Discover the cash-flow friendly way to secure the funding you need, without giving up any equity. We simply deduct a small amount of your daily takings based on your previous month's card sales, better aligning your repayments to your sales curve.

Funding of $5-$100k

Repayments aligned to your sales

Manageable daily repayments

Funded within 4 days

No collateral needed

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What makes Revenue Based Funding different?

With Revenue Based Funding, instead of making set repayments, you pay a small amount every day, based on your previous month's credit and debit card sales. It's good news for your cash flow as any slower sales periods will result in smaller repayments the following month.

Who's it for?

Revenue Based Funding is best suited to bricks and mortar businesses like retailers, restaurants, cafes or service providers with fluctuating sales.

Australian Based businesses

$10k+ monthly card sales

1 year operating history

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Average Monthly Gross Revenues

Percentage of Gross Revenues from Merchant Processing

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Any questions?

Because Revenue Based Funding is a new way for Aussie businesses to access the capital they need, you probably have a few questions. We'll try and answer them here, but if there's anything else you need to know, just get in touch.

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